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Security and Privacy

This is the Security and Privacy section of the online magazine, TechnologyProfessional.Org. This is where people with titles such as CSO, CISO, Auditor, or Security Specialist share their knowledge. We help you to enhance your reputation and create a professional presence on the Internet while you share your knowledge with your colleagues. We security techniques, security design, SOX (Sarbanes-Oxley), PCI-DSS, and other important topics.

Healthcare IT Privacy Concerns

April 24, 2009

Each day, thousands of people visit doctors and hospitals across the nation. Access to and use of this information requires a great deal of responsibility that could literally make a difference between life and death. Securing that information is one of the biggest challenges for healthcare IT.
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Managing Compliance in the Cloud

April 21, 2009

Cloud computing has arrived, and efforts to reduce IT costs in 2009 will accelerate the adoption of cloud computing services, elevating a host of risk management and security questions for organizations wrestling with compliance requirements.
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