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Project Management

This is the Program and Project Management section of the online magazine, TechnologyProfessional.Org. This is where project managers and others share their knowledge. We help you to enhance your reputation and create a professional presence on the Internet while you share your knowledge with your colleagues. We discuss and give insights on PMI, PMP, PMBOK, and other important topics.

Ensure Success Before the Project Begins

October 21, 2010
Ensure Success Before the Project Begins

Most project management books tell you how to organize and manage a project, keeping track of tasks, assignments, milestones, and deadlines.  The general assumption is that the project manager’s job is to ensure that the project is completed on time and on budget.  If a project manager also wants to minimize resistance and maximize...
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Ten New Rules for Project Managers

June 20, 2010

By Hal Macomber, Project Reformer Hal Macomber has written the following 10 rules for project managers. Let’s call it a top-ten countdown that can help you improve your projects. And, remember, projects are wonderful opportunities to learn. 10. Adopt practices for exploring a variety of perspectives. We think we see what we see, but we don’t. We really...
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Project Management Professional

April 21, 2009

Is it time for project management to be a certified profession? Given the body of knowledge specified by the PMI and the PMP certification, the answer is yes.
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Project Management Made Simple

November 14, 2008

Not all projects or project managers are created equal. In my experience, few projects require following every element of a detailed project methodology for overall success. Identifying and focusing on the critical components will enable managers be effective, efficient, and successful project leaders. In this article I will share an overview...
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