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Infrastructure and Operations

Infrastructure and Operations section of the online magazine, TechnologyProfessional.Org. This is where programmers, analysts, and others share their knowledge. We help you to enhance your reputation and create a professional presence on the Internet while you share your knowledge with your colleagues. We discuss ITIL, SAAS, virtualization, cloud computing, and other exciting technologies.

A Painful Lesson about Band-Aids

April 24, 2009

Edited by: Narottam Regmi Some important lessons come from highly technical issues; in other cases, we learn painful lessons from simple mistakes. This is a story about the latter. The Problem I was working on a new project when I was called for a meeting. Apparently someone was looking through the log files of...
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Implementing ITIL

April 9, 2009

Implementing ITIL in One Easy Step As a consultant one of the things I do is recommend that organizations look to ITIL for guidance as they develop their internal IT governance solutions and operations processes.  While this is not a particularly stunning revelation to most organizations, what is stunning is that I classify it...
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Storage Virtualization

December 13, 2008

An Introduction to Storage Virtualization The following is the second article in a series on virtualization. In the introductory article to this series, I noted that virtualization technology has been available for many years. However, recently, we arrived at an inflection point where a holistic approach to virtualization of storage, networks, and servers can produce...
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Introduction to Virtualization

November 5, 2008

Introduction to a series of articles on a confluence of events that will make virtualization even bigger than many IT professionals think it will be.
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