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Outstanding Executive for 2008 – Celeste Yeakley

December 10, 2008

As a founding member of TechnologyProfessional.Org, Celeste Yeakley has had the opportunity to expand her entrepreneurial skills in the toughest environment possible—an organization built entirely by volunteers. Recruiting contributors requires vision, passion, and relentless determination.  Celeste has been successful because she holds fast to the knowledge that we are helping others to develop themselves professionally...
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Michael Leisch – Professional Bio

December 8, 2008

Michael Leisch is a business intelligence expert and consultant from Austin, Texas. He is also a Master Certified IT Architect with experience in all phases of systems development. Michael’s career includes consulting as a Senior IT Architect with IBM for 10 years and leading the BI development of a financial services company as the Director...
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December 7, 2008

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Maryann Douglass – Professional Bio

November 22, 2008

Maryann Douglass has more than 20 years of experience as a leader in project management, compliance/process improvements, and operations support.  Maryann’s cross department experience in infrastructure support provides the foundation that allows for process improvement within many areas of IT.  Maryann earned BA in Marketing from Georgia State University.  She also received a Project...
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Steve Mook – Professional Bio

November 21, 2008

Steve Mook is an experienced software engineering manager who has led teams developing database management and reporting tools, relational database management systems, and messaging and collaboration applications.  Steve worked as Director of Software Development for Simdesk Technologies, and prior to that, as Director of Product Development in the database division for Pervasive Software.  Steve co-founded Smithware,...
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Celeste Yeakley – Professional Bio

November 6, 2008

Celeste Yeakley is an organizational leader with over 22 years experience in software/systems engineering and process improvement. She has transferred her skills to the financial investment arena where she is an independent consultant. She is a broad-based team player with a proven skill set in focusing teams with creative and innovative business planning processes. Her accomplishments...
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Phil Stevens – Professional Bio

November 5, 2008
Phil's LinkedIn Photo

With more than 20 years as an IT leader, Phil Stevens is CIO for Scintel Technologies.  Previously, Phil was CIO at a financial services firm and ran global technology operations for a Fortune 100 retailer. His expertise is building cohesive teams focused on business priorities for maximum effectiveness; disciplined operations for compliance and efficiency; and...
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Information for Technology Executives

August 30, 2008

TechnologyProfessional.Org was created to help technology executives - just like you - expand their professional presence on the Internet. This is an important topic and we know you may have a number of questions, so we summarized a few of the questions we have heard along with the answers.
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