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Deanna Brownlee – Professional Bio

April 24, 2009

TechnologyProfessional.Org is proud to have Deanna as an assistant editor.  She brings significant experience, having written for Examiner.com, AssociatedContent.com, and Helium.com.  Deanna will produce original articles as well as helping our contributors make their work shine.  

For most of her life, Deanna never dreamed she’d be a writer. She dragged through college, struggling to find a major and a career in which she might thrive. One day, she began a casual discussion with a college professor who encouraged her to consider a career in writing. His pivotal remark struck a cord, and from that moment Deanna has pursued writing proactively and hasn’t looked back. A proud student of the Institute of Children’s Literature, Deanna will change the world through her writing.

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