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7 Secrets of Marketing

March 26, 2009

As I was talking to some friends about the impact culture can have on communication, I was reminded of a fantastic book that I read a couple of years ago: 7 Secrets of Marketing in a Multi-Cultural World.  The author, Clotaire Rapaille, was born in France and his first experience of Americans was as liberators.  Later, when he read school books that said General de Gaulle liberated France, his mind would not be changed.  He had experienced something different – and it left a powerful imprint on him.  He realized that we are each imprinted from birth with images and ideas that are deeply ingrained in our culture.  The impact of culture is subtle, powerful, and pervasive.  In communicating, we can either work with those cultural factors  or we can try to fight against them.  His book unlocks the “culture code” to make your marketing – and all of your communication – more impactful.

If you are interested in marketing or the impacts of culture on communication, I highly recommend this book.  You can learn more about his ideas at: www.rapailleuniversity.com.


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