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Information for Technology Executives

August 30, 2008

Frequently Asked Questions

TechnologyProfessional.Org was created to help technology executives – just like you – expand their professional presence on the Internet.  This is an important topic and we know you may have a number of questions, so we summarized a few of the questions we have heard along with the answers.

What do you mean by “professional presence” and why should I care?

Whether you are a Vice President of Information Technology or a CIO, you must deal with the adage “If you can’t be found on Google then you don’t exist.” For senior positions, both technical and management, recruiters look for respected industry leaders. They look for executives who have built a reputation in business and on the Internet. When an executive search firm is looking for a leader in your area of expertise, how will they find you?

Putting your profile on social networking sites is a good idea – it gives you an opportunity to claim some things about yourself. Unfortunately, it gives you limited opportunities to demonstrate anything about yourself. You can get “recommendations” on some of those sites, but, to be frank, those have limited credibility.

TechnologyProfessional.Org provides a channel for you to publish your best contributions to the technology field and have those contributions peer reviewed and professionally edited. Our starting point is articles on our website; however, we are expanding to include podcasts, webcasts, and speaking opportunities at regional conferences. As a member, you can leverage these opportunities to share your best ideas, demonstrate the results you have achieved, and create a positive reputation in the industry. Being a panel member on a well-orchestrated podcast or webcast is a far better, safer, and more credible way to demonstrate your executive bearing and communication skills than a video or multi-media resume.

In summary, your thoughtful and well-written articles and professional bio will be your most powerful marketing. While our site does not generate the traffic that CIO.com does, it generates more traffic than an individual blog would – or even more than individual postings on a well known site such as LinkedIn. You benefit from the group’s effort at search engine optimization and advertising.

So is TechnologyProfessional.Org another social networking site?

No. LinkedIn, Plaxo, and other social networking sites are focused on making money by helping many groups of people to connect. I am a member of both groups and I believe they provide a valuable service; however, I don’t find a lot of helpful information. Those sites are focused on connections rather than content.

TechnologyProfessional.Org is not a social networking site and we don’t sell products. We are focused on you – technology executives – and helping you to achieve your goals. We provide multiple channels for you to create a professional presence.

Much of what I read on various message boards is not especially professional or thoughtful. Frankly, a well crafted idea would lose some credibility on many websites simply because of “the company it were keeping”. TechnologyProfessional.Org provides a consistently high-quality showcase of professional content in which your best ideas will shine.

Finally, as social networking sites become huge, as LinkedIn has, being on those sites will be as important as being in the Yellow Pages. Think about that… Virtually every company pays to be in the Yellow Pages because that is a practical pre-requisite for business; however, the Yellow Pages ceased to be a differentiator. Businesses spend their real advertising dollars in other channels where every company in the country isn’t listed. Likewise, you should be on the social networking sites, but you should make your real effort to differentiate yourself someplace else.

Who should contribute to TechnologyProfessional.Org?

  • Are you a CIO or VP of IT? Our readers would love to hear advice on leadership from technology executives. What are the key challenges you face? What do you recommend young executives do to develop themselves? How do you ensure IT is aligned with the business? There are a broad range of topics which you could make important contributions.

  • Are you a Director of Software Development? Our readers would appreciate understanding the technology that is most important to you today and tomorrow. How do you improve business agility with information technology? Can the Agile methodology work in a corporation with a mix of legacy and new systems? Your insight is important.

  • Are you a senior sales or marketing executive? Do you think that contributing to “a technical magazine” doesn’t make sense for you? Our readers would love to hear your insight on how to evaluate competing proposals, how to leverage pre-sales support to reduce project costs, and how technology can contribute to bottom line profit. You are uniquely qualified to provide insight on these important questions.

  • Are you looking for a job in the technology field? While we are not a social networking site, TechnologyProfessional.Org does provide an excellent opportunity to interact and network with technology executives and business leaders.

Why do you think your content is any better than content from leading online publications such as eWeek or CIO.com?

Those are great publications and I read them along with many others. Those publications are well written and have high standards for editing, so you can expect consistent quality. Furthermore, we encourage our contributors to share the other websites they find most valuable. A true profession requires a body of knowledge beyond any single group, publication, website, or conference.

That said, we hope you find that TechnologyProfessional.Org is especially relevant because it is written by industry practitioners – your most respected colleagues and you. Our approach to publishing is similar to the open source software movement. It relies on getting the best ideas and contributions from people around the industry. Like open source, our contributors are our “developers”. How could we hope to compete with industry leading publications? We would answer that by asking how Mozilla could hope to create a web browser that competes with Microsoft?

Is TechnologyProfessional.Org a “one stop shop”?

No, you should ensure that you are listed in various professional directories and you should be engaged in other credible forums. Frankly, being visible in multiple forums is critical, so even if you are a technology executive with a significant professional presence, it is still valuable to expand that presence by contributing to TechnologyProfessional.Org.

How can I get involved?

There are important things you can do to help us:

1) We are always looking for contributors, so please send a sketch of your idea for an article to editor@technologyprofessional.org.

2) Please spread the word about our site. Joining and actively engaging in our LinkedIn group helps to attract more members. Even more important, please share information about our site when you comment in other forums. Social networking can be a powerful marketing tool, but it requires effort by many people working together.

3) If you have skills that would be helpful to running our organization and an interest in being a part of building something important, please send a note to editor@technologyprofessional.org with some information about your interests.

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